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'Maraş / Varosha'


As a photographer I dislike it intensely when someone puts a rope, some fencing or a sign that says entry is not permitted or ‘Photography is not allowed’. It causes a feeling within me that stirs to challenge and disobey...this is my world and as a creative individual it propels me to go beyond and seek out the forbidden ‘reality’ in order to try and understand – what brings us to the present.


‘Maraş’ in Turkish and ‘Varosha’ in Greek, was a lively tourist resort for Cypriots and international visitors. But in 1974 because of the conflict the locals fled for the lives and the southern quarter came under control of the Turkish army. The area became a ghost town after it was looted and abandoned, left to decay, leaving nature to its quiet existence.


Until recently, the environment became a tourist attraction and became part of the political campaign to swing the Presidency of Northern Cyprus to the right - enabled by the visit of Turkey’s president.

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